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Integrated Student Services

Communities In Schools of Greater New Orleans changes the picture for students by providing Integrated Student Services. We work inside school systems with superintendents, principals, educators, and other personnel to forge community partnerships that bring resources into schools and help remove barriers to learning.

Our model addresses the total student and the whole school environment. Students with unmet physical, psychological, and social needs cannot learn effectively. Our unique model positions a “Site Coordinator” inside schools to assess those needs and deliver necessary resources.

CIS Site Coordinators are consistent, caring adults whose only job is to support students to success. As a single point of contact, they are uniquely positioned to match the needs of students and families with resources in the community, and to be active participants in the work of teachers and administrators in making their schools places of learning and achievement.

Our Integrated Student Services operate on two levels:

Tier 1: Widely Accessible Services
Level One services are those that are widely accessible to any student at a CIS partner school site. They are short-term preventative measures with durations of a few hours or days, provided on an as-needed basis. Students do not need to be enrolled in specific CIS initiatives to benefit from such resources and services, but simply need to be members of the school population at large. Some examples of Level One resources or services include clothing or school supplies, topic-specific assemblies, career fairs, field trips, health screenings, and grief counseling.

Tier 2: Targeted and Sustained Services
Unlike Level One services, from which virtually any student in a school may benefit, Level Two services are targeted at students with specific needs. These services typically include some type of enrollment or assignment procedure and are outlined in a student's individualized plan. They are sustained interventions with durations of several weeks, months, or an entire school year. Level Two services are designed to achieve one or more monitored outcomes, such as improved academic performance, attendance, or behavior. Examples of such interventions include tutoring, mentoring, individual counseling, before- and after-school programs, and community service.

Most students receive a combination of Level One and Level Two services.

Our Impact

  • # of Case-Managed Students


  • Students Who Met or Made Progress Towards Their Academic Goals


  • Students Who Met or Made Progress Towards Their Attendance Goals


  • Students Who Promoted or Graduated


  • # of Non Case Managed Students Receiving Services from CIS


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